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Block Island

12 miles off the coast of Rhode Island, lies this untouched island-escape that’ll have you thinking you’ve ended up in Ireland, with its lush green rolling hills, 365 clear-water ponds, and dramatic clay bluffs overlooking the ocean.

As for sightseeing, all there really is is the Block Island Historical Society Museum and the two lighthouses on either end of the island. Other than that, there’s nothing left to do but to enjoy the ocean breeze, pedal around the island, and hang out on the beach. Given the 17 miles of free public beaches, you should have no problem finding a perfect spot. Two beaches (Pebbly Beach and Crescent Beach) have lifeguards, concessions, and rental facilities, while other more remote beaches like those at the ends of dirt roads (check out Corn Neck Road or West Side Road) offer a bit more solitude.

Fears of over-development in the 80s led residents to found a land trust, and as a result of this local group and the Nature Conservancy, over 30% of the island are protected in their pristine natural beauty. The best way to explore the island is by bike or moped. There are 30 miles of paved roads, including one that snakes its way along the coastline of the island. A system of trails called the Greenway are great for hiking. Either way, make sure to head over to the Mohegan Bluffs, named for the Native American tribe that tried to take the island from the Niantics. The bluffs provide a breathtaking view of the ocean and also lead to one of the island’s favorite (though slightly challenging to reach) beaches.

In town, you’ll find charming old Victorian buildings and a variety of restaurants (without a single franchised eatery or shop). And unlike some of New England’s more well-known islands, the atmosphere here on Block Island is always laid-back. Shorts and a t-shirt will do just fine at any of the local dining establishments.

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Things to Do & See

Here are some of the best things to do in Block Island. Add them to your trip and we'll hold on to them in your Travelog. Look for to find free stuff.

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Island Moped and Bike Rentals

Leave your car behind on the mainland and zip around on a moped instead. Or find a slower pace of life as you pedal around the island.

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Manisses Animal Farm

Lots of animals you wouldn't expect to see on Block Island, including a yak, horned sheep, and a llama. These various exotic animals make for a fun visit for all ages. Free, though donations are appreciated.

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Mohegan Bluffs

Most definitely one of the high points on Block Island. Pedal on over and up to the bluffs to enjoy a spectacular view from the top of the bluffs. There are stairs that lead down to the beach, though at the bottom there is still a rough stretch without steps.

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Southeast Lighthouse

This 19th-century lighthouse is open during the summer season for tours. The view from the top is worth the sandy walk out to get to it. On a clear day you can even see Montauk.

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The Greenway

The Greenway, composed of over 12 miles of trails, and maintained by the Nature Conservancy and the Block Island Land Trust, covers most of the southern part of the island and leads to many of the most revered natural areas. Stop by the Nature Conservancy's office to pick up a map.

Top-Reviewed Restaurants

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We've asked our friends at Yelp to keep us updated on what's cool and tasty, and they sent over their top-rated Block Island eats. Add some to your trip and we'll store them for you.

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